Soft thread pre-and post-care in lIttle Silver, NJ, is important for the success of your thread treatment.

  • All types of alcohol and smoking need to be avoided for at least seven days before the treatment. These activities can dry out the skin. Avoiding smoking and alcohol also helps speed up the recovery process and gives you the best treatment results.
  • Naproxen and Ibuprofen, and aspirin-based products need to be stopped as they can cause unwanted side effects like bleeding and other side effects. Do not engage in any high-intensity exercises and avoid saunas or steam rooms. If you are experiencing slight bruising or swelling, put ice on the area, just treated it for one or two minutes at least five times while you are awake for the first week. 
  • Avoid any facial actions for at least a day. Also, get plenty of rest for 24-hours post-treatment.
  • You can take painkillers as required after the procedure. For example, you can take painkillers after a meal to prevent nausea.
  • Do not use makeup for 24 hours or more.
  • Experiencing slight discomfort in the first two days after the procedure is normal will gradually reduce.
  • Avoid pulling at your facial skin, and do not massage, scrub or exfoliate your skin for at least one week.
  • Do not get any dental treatment for at least two weeks after the procedure.