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Inject It

Botox Bank 100 units$1000
Dissolving with Hylenex $250+
Restylane Kysse$799
Restylane Lyft$850
Restylane L/ Defyne/ Refyne$749
Restylane Contour$799
Juvederm Vollure$749
Juvederm Volbella$749
Juvederm Voluma$799
Juvederm Ultra/ Ultra Plus$650
Juvederm Ultra/ Ultra Plus$599/Syringe

Microneedling / PRP /PRF

Microneedling with Hyaluronic Acid
Single Session$350
Package (3)$900
Add-on Neck+$50/Session
Microneedling with PRP, PRF, or PEP Factor 
Single Session$600
Package (3)$1,650
Add-on Neck+$50/Session
Microneedling with PRP/ PRF Injections
Single Session$800
Package (3)$2,250
Single Session$350
with PepFactor$450
Add 10 Units of Botox+$120
Hair Restoration with Injections
Package (4)$3,000
Maintenance Session$900

Infuse It

B12 Injections – 1$30
B12 Injections – 4$105
B12 Injections – 8$185
IV Cleanse Drip$250
IV Immunity Drip $250
IV Energy Drip$250
Glutathione Glow Drip$99
Customized IV InfusionStarting at $150

Soft Threads

Soft Threads
Package (3)$900
Maintenance Session$300


Aesthetic Services

Laser and Light Consultations required prior to all laser services
“Pricing may vary depending on the size of the treatment area”

Laser treatments for hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots etc.

Light therapy with high energy rapid output designed to eliminate pigment and restore skin fast. May be used on all body parts.
BBL- Forever Young Photofacial
Light therapy is designed to target pigment, reds, and browns, and restore skin tone. May be used on the face as well as the body.
Single Session Full Face $500
Package of 3 $1250
Package of 5 $2000
Neck $300
Chest $500
Hands $250
1/2 Arm $550
Full Arm $900
1/2 Leg $800
Full Leg $1400

Laser treatments for active acne and inflammation

BBL Forever ClearPricing
Acne treatment with the power of light, eliminate the acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and tighten pores.Full Face $200
Chest $400
Back $600

Laser Hair Reduction Packages

BBL Forever BarePricing (Packages of 6)
Hair removal/reduction with the power of BroadBand Light. A minimum of 6 treatments are necessary for desired results. Additional sessions may be necessary for some.Small Area $800
Medium Area $1200
Large Area $1500
XLarge Area $2000

A minimum of 6 treatments are required for desired results. Additional sessions may be necessary for some. Individual results may vary. All packages are priced for 6 sessions.

Small Areas: Lip, Sideburns, Chin, ears. Hands, Feet, Abdominal Strip, Unibrow

Medium Areas: Full Face, Underarms, Neck

Large Areas: Bikini, Abdomen, Chest

XLarge Areas: Legs, Arms, Back

Laser Treatments for Anti-Aging

Comfortably delivers non-ablative laser energy to revitalize your skin by correcting the initial signs of sun damage and aging.Single Session Full Face…. $750
Package of 3…. $1800
Full Face with PRP/PRF….$825
Face & Neck….$1,000
Face/Neck & Chest…..S1,250
MOXI + BBL ComboPricing
Correct pigment and improve texture synergistically with both light and laser.Full Face….$1000
Package of 3…. $2600
Face & Neck….$1500

IV Therapies

30 Minute Sessions
Therapies available: Cleanse/Detox, Immunity Boost, Glutathione Glow
Single Session$250
Add-On to a Facial$150

Skin Tightening

Genius RF

Microneedling with Radio Frequency. Treats the appearance of sagging, creepy and loose skin on the face, neck and body.

Full Face Single Session$1200
Package of 3$3000
Full Face & Neck Single Session$1400
Full Face & Neck Package of 3$3600
Undereye Single Session$800
Undereye Package of 3$2000

MOXI + Genius Combo

Treat lax skin and improve texture synergistically with both RF Microneedling and laser.

Full Face Single Session$1500
Package of 3$4000
Full Face & Neck Single Session$1750
Full Face & Neck Package of 3$4500

Add-On PRP/PRF/PEP Factor

Platelet or growth factor treatments that aid in the production of more collagen and elastin. Enhances results dramatically.

Single Session add-on$30
Package of 3$750

Add-On Downtime Reducer

CO2 Lift Carboxy treatment clinically proven to reduce downtime and boost skin’s natural hydration.

Single Spa Treatment$150
Take Home Treatment (1)$90

Facial Services

Packages of 6 Facials 20% off * Packages of 12 Facials 30% off

Laser treatments for hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots etc.

Classic Cleansing Facial
Includes light extractions and facial massage. Customized for all skin types and all ages.
50 Min $125
MedCleanse Facial
Most popular facial for congested skin in need of complete extractions. Includes LED, High Frequency, & Hydrojelly Mask.
90 Min $225
NoTox Facial
Ultimate Red Carpet Treatment. Uses a line-relaxing mask and Microcurrent modalities to lift and firm skin.
50 Min $200
Dermaplane Facial
Anti-aging and exfoliating treatment that removes peach fuzz.
50 Min $175
Microdermabrasion Facial
Brightening facial that uses suction and a grit-tip to pull impurities closer to the surface and gently exfoliate them away.
50 Min $150
Microcurrent Facial
Anti-aging facial that lifts, tones, and hydrates even sensitive skin.
50 Min $150
Sensitive Skin/Rosacea Facial
Utilizes products for sensitive or reactive skin. Safe for pregnancy. No downtime and extractions are optional.
50 Min $125
Oxygen Facial
Increases oxygen for a healthy glow and infuses customized serums for hydration, brightening, anti-aging or oiliness.
50 Min $150
Tension Release Facial
Focuses on facial massage and muscle relaxation. Includes arm and hand massage.
80 Min $200
Nanoneedling Facial
Comfortably stimulates collagen growth with little to no downtime.
Includes Hydrojelly Mask.
60 Min $350
Teen Facial
Gently treats young, congested skin.
45 Min $99
Express Facial
Quickly cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate. Ideal before other aesthetic
treatments such as laser/microneedling or on a lunch break.
30 Min $75
LED Facial
Red light to build collagen and/or blue light to eliminate ac
30 Min $75
Back Cleanse
A facial for your back that removes blackheads and clears
breakouts that are hard to reach.
50 Min $150
CO2Lift Downtime Reducer
Treatment that reduces downtime from aesthetic procedures
50 Min $150

Permanent Make Up

Cosmetic Tattooing Provided by a
Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional
*Consultations required prior to all PMU services
50% non-refundable deposit required to book appointment

Cost of consult applied towards service
Initial Visit
Powder Brows$650
Combo Brow$850
Eye Liner (Lash Enhancement)$500
Eye Liner (Add On)$300
Lip Blushing$650
Touch ups
Within 3 months$325
After 3-12 months$475
After 12 monthsConsultation Required
Saline Removal
Chemical Removal
Consultation Required
Additional Time
Per Hour$200

Most PMU appointments require 3 hours.
Disruption to appointment time will result in additional charge
All PMU Eyebrow Services come with a
lifetime of free brow waxing and trimming
with any facial

Chemical Peels

Enlighten RX Peel
*Consultations Required*
Medical Grade Peel considered one of the best treatments for
stubborn hyperpigmentation and melasma. Comes with
Hydroquinone and Retin-A for home use.
Medical Peels
Peels for acne, rosacea, anti-aging, or pigmentation. Strengths vary and are customized for the individual.

Diamond Glow Facials


The Diamond Glow is compatible with Alle;
Receive and redeem Alle reward points!

Dermal-infusion treatments that exfoliate the skin and infuse serum simultaneously.
For all ages and all skin types with no downtime, all year round.

Diamond Glow Classic
Includes cleanse, hydrodermabrasion, and facial massage.
50 Min $175
Diamond Glow Advanced
Includes cleanse, hydrodermabrasion, and facial massage with HA or TNS advanced serums.
50 Min $190
Diamond Glow Luxury
Includes cleanse, hydrodermabrasion, hydrojelly mask, LED and facial massage with HA or TNS advanced serums.
75 Min $225

Brow & Lash Services

Brow or Lash Tint
May be added on to facial treatments.
Lash Lift
Temporarily curls lashes for 30-90 days.
Brow Wax$20


Introducing HisPlace at HerSpace

Facial Treatments

Gentleman’s Facial
Cleanse and hydrate skin with no downtime.
50 Min $125
PORE One Out Facial
For a deeper clean and full extractions, this facial uses
microdermabrasion to treat even rough skin.
50 Min $150
NoTox/BroTox Facial
For a noninvasive, anti-aging experience, this facial uses a specialty
mask and serum along with microcurrent to treat signs of aging
without injections.
75 Min $200
Back Scratcher
A facial for your back that removes blackheads and clears breakouts that are hard to reach. Feels like a massage.
50 Min $150

Chemical Peels


Little Silver Mammography & HerSpace is accredited by the
American College of Radiology specializing in 3DMammography
and Breast Ultrasound.

Little Silver Mammography & HerSpace has always been committed to
cutting edge technology and excellent patient care.

“Our goal is to put women at ease while we pursue the
clinical objective of detecting and diagnosing breast cancer
at its earliest, most curable stage.”

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