Women Empowerment with Gabrielle Garofalo
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Gabrielle Garofalo is a life coach, former award-winning marketing professional, and serial entrepreneur. A self-professed, eternally curious student of personal development, Gabrielle has first-hand experience in individual talk, group, and somatic therapies; she has completed the entire Landmark Education program and now pursued her formal and ongoing professional training to secure her certification as a life/career coach logging more than 300 hours of coaching since 2019.

These days, Gabrielle has her focus firmly placed on wellness, expanding her coach training (wrapping up a 10-month long trauma healing/Yoga Nidra course), parenting, dating, and launching her new platform, Success is in Surrender™.  Gabrielle is the mom of two active teens (a senior and freshman in high school), loves living at Jersey Shore where she paddleboards, sings at open mic nights, and teaches the power of pleasure at local yoga studios, wellness centers, and resorts. In 2022 you can catch her teaching pleasure while globetrotting as a brand ambassador for NAF and is excited about pursuing partnerships with female entrepreneurs in the wellness space.

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