Nikolett Ivanyi Acne Specialist, Skincare Expert, L.E.
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Nikolett Ivanyi is the owner of Envision Acne & Skin Care Center, the founder of the PoreInfusion Skin Care line and the creator of the Acne Free Skin Program. She is a licensed aesthetician and a holistic adult acne specialist.

Nikolett is a holistic skincare expert in aesthetics, focusing on treating one of the most difficult skin condition: adult acne. Her philosophy is, that with education and the right guidance everybody is capable of achieving beautiful skin. She is a strong advocate for thoroughly educating and empowering clients to understand their unique skin condition and teaches them how to care for it.

Through continuous education, experimentation, trial and error, Nikolett has found an extremely effective acne free skin program and a results oriented skin care protocol that will clear up the adult acne without the use of prescription medications.

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